Glacier guiding

You can book a guided tour at the glacier here at Gryta. The company is Briksdal Breføring, and they guide you for a walk at the Bødals Glacier. This is an unique experience – how often do you get to walk on glaciers?

On the Bødalsbreen glacier in Lodalen you can enjoy a genuine glacier-walking experience in beautiful West Norwegian surroundings. The whole trip, rated as a moderately difficult hike, takes from five to six hours, about three hours of which is spent on the glacier itself.

The Bødalen valley, with the Bødalssætra summer pasture farms and the Bødalsbreen glacier, is one of the gems of the Jostedalsbreen National Park. On a clear day, on your way up to the glacier, you can see Lodalskåpa, at 2,083 metres the highest point on the huge Jostedalsbreen icecap. Take a rucksack, clothes, food and drink for a half-day walk. Good strong mountain boots will be an advantage; you can hire them from Briksdal Breføring.

The lower age limit is 12 years. Family walks with children under 12 and a separate guide can be arranged.

All necessary equipment is included.

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