Gryta Camping

The area that has now become the camp ground used to be an uncultivated corner of the goat farm at Gytri. For many years there used to be a simple cabin with outhouse for toilet, but in the new year storm of 1991 that old cabin was gone with the wind.

At that time the owner, Dagfinn Gytri, had already started leveling the grounds of the new camp site using his own machines. He also did most of the construction work himself.

Gryta was officially opened in 1993 and in 1996 we were rewarded the “Camp site of the year” award by the Norwegian Caravan Club.

We started out as a pure caravan and tent camp, but in 1999 the first 3 cabins were built. A few years later we added two more cabins by the same design. These were just stretched enough to give room for toilet and shower.

is a beautiful small village at the end of Nordfjord. You are surrounded by waterfalls, wild mountains and picturesque nature. The lake Oldevatnet has also a special green color – from the minerals in the glaciers around. You may feel that you are on the mountain here, but actually the lake is only 33m above sea level.

Tourists have been travelling to Oldedalen and the famous Briksdal Glacier for almost 200 years, and many of our tourist keep coming back year after year. A nice place to visit – and to return to whenever you want.

The farmers in Oldedalen joined forces and built the road from Briksdal that would take the horses with cart and tourists up to Kleivane, the last stop before the glacier. Each farm was given rights for a number of horses in service depending on the job they put in building the road. Many farms had 3 horses taking tourists up to the glacier during the season.

At first, before the main road was built, tourists were transported by boat on the lake. Horses then picked them up by the end of the lake and transported them all the way to Kleivane. Nowadays cars and busses takes them all the way to Briksdal Fjellstove.

Around the Millennium there was about 40 horses and carts in service, but as the number of tourists grew rapidly, so did unfortunately also the accidents with the horses. In 2005 the horses were traded for the green “Troll Cars” that is now effectively and safely transporting tourists up to Kleivane.

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